Shape Area (in2) Depth (in) Width (in) Section Properties
Ix (in4) Iy (in4) Plastic Mod Xp (in3) Plastic Mod Yp (in3)
T(A-N) 1.00x2.00x0.421 Dimensions 0.36120.
T(A-N) 1.25x1.50x0.384 Dimensions 0.331.
T(A-N) 1.25x2.50x0.652 Dimensions 0.551.
T(A-N) 1.63x1.75x0.476 Dimensions 0.411.631.750.10.050.830.06
T(A-N) 1.75x2.00x0.531 Dimensions 0.451.7520.
T(A-N) 2.00x2.50x0.789 Dimensions 0.6722.
T(A-N) 2.00x3.00x0.881 Dimensions 0.75230.250.330.160.22
T(A-N) 2.50x3.00x1.17 Dimensions 12.530.560.390.30.26
T(A-N) 3.00x4.00x1.50 Dimensions 1.28341.030.950.450.47
T(A-N) 3.00x6.00x3.24 Dimensions 2.75361.835.630.771.88
T(A-N) 4.00x4.00x2.27 Dimensions 1.93442.981.241.020.62
T(A-N) 4.00x6.00x3.88 Dimensions 3.3464.785.651.591.88
T(A-N) 4.00x6.00x4.79 Dimensions 4.07465.028.121.612.71
T(A-N) 5.00x4.00x2.57 Dimensions 2.18545.541.241.570.62
T(A-N) 6.00x8.00x11.2 Dimensions 9.566822.936.81.559.19
T(A-N) 7.50x7.50x9.46 Dimensions
T(A-N) 7.50x7.50x14.4 Dimensions
The above table of Army - Navy and Special Tees sizes offers a detailed beam sizes chart for engineers to easily scroll and find what they’re looking for. If you’re looking for a different section or shape try the search feature or one of the below resources: