Beam Dimensions

Find beam dimensions and properties for over 15,000 shapes.

Beam dimensions are the ultimate resource for structural engineers to find everything they need to know about steel, aluminum, timber, and cold-formed beams. With section properties and dimensions for over 15,000 shapes, you can find accurate and up-to-date information about beam sizes, weights, and section properties. The information and tables are available to you as a free resource to help ensure that you can make informed decisions for your engineering projects.

No matter where you are located you can compare and explore charts and tables for a wide range of popular libraries such as American steel shape dimensions for W Beams and HSS Beams, Canadian I Beam sizes, Australian Universal Beam properties, European Wide Flange Beam tables, and UK Universal Beam sizes. These pages also include information on section properties including: cross sectional area, torsion constant, moment of area, and plastic modulus properties. This AISC W8x10 beam is an example of all the section properties that are available. These properties ensure that you have the information you need to complete your structural design calculations.