American AISC Libraries

AISC Beam Tables

The sections in the AISC Beam Tables are from the American Institute of Steel Construction. AISC is an industry leader in standards around the design and engineering of steel structures in the United States of America. The AISC library contains detailed tables of information on the properties and dimensions of steel shapes.

One of the most popular resources in this library is I beam sizes , which provides comprehensive information on a wide range of steel I beam shapes. This data includes their sizes, weights, and section properties. For engineers these tables are invaluable resource to allow you to quickly and easily find the information needed to make informed decisions about the design of steel structures.

Using the Steel Beam Tables

When designing structures that incorporate steel beams, it is important to know what options are available to you as an engineer. The beam table provides detailed and accurate section information including the height and width of the beams as well as related properties such as the cross-sectional area, torsion constant, moment of area, and plastic modulus properties. This information is vital for engineers as it allows them to choose the correct beams for a structure.

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