Australian Steel (250 Grade) Libraries

Australian Steel Beam Tables

The Australian Steel section tables contain a range of cross-sections commonly used in steel design in Australia. These include all the common universal beam and column sizes as well as support for other common cross sections including CHS (Circular Hollow Sections), RHS (Rectangular Hollow Sections), PFC (Parallel Flange Channels), Equal Angles, Unequal Angles and more.

What is 250 Grade Steel?

250-grade steel is a common steel grade in the Australian market that is used in a variety of structural engineering contexts. 250-grade steel is generally available in a range of thicknesses. 250 Grade steel is popular due to its strength, ability to be welded and formed.

AS 4100 Design Software

This AS 4100 Steel Design Software is designed to help engineers the calculate steel member capacities for I Sections, T Sections PFC, RHS, SHS and CHS beams