11.000 ODx0.750 Dimensions

ADM 2015 Aluminum Design Software

The steel beam dimensions for the 11.000 ODx0.750 section can be seen in the table. The depth of the section is 11 in. The width of the section is 11 in.

11 in1.5 in
Dimension Value
Diameter 11 in
Thickness 1.5 in

11.000 ODx0.750 Section Properties

The 11.000 ODx0.750 section has an area of 24.2in2. The below table outlines the 11.000 ODx0.750 section properties including the torsion constant as well as moment of inertia and plastic modulus properties.

A J Iyp Izp Plastic Mod Yp Plastic Mod Xp
24.2 in2 634 in4 319 in4 319 in4 58 in3 58 in3

Materials and Design Standards 11.000 ODx0.750

This section is typically designed using the design standard ADM 2015 and is manufactured using a cold formed process as it is a steel section.

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