Shape Area (in2) Depth (in) Width (in) Section Properties
Ix (in4) Iy (in4) Plastic Mod Xp (in3) Plastic Mod Yp (in3)
LS 1-1/2x1-1/4x1/8 Dimensions 0.331.51.250.02-0.070.05
LS 1-1/2x1x1/8 Dimensions 0.31.510.01-0.070.03
LS 1-1/2x1x3/16 Dimensions 0.441.510.02-0.10.05
LS 1-1/2x3/4x1/8 Dimensions
LS 1-1/4x1x1/8 Dimensions 0.271.2510.01-0.050.03
LS 1-3/4x1x3/8 Dimensions 0.331.7510.02-0.090.03
LS 1x3/4x1/8 Dimensions 0.210.750.01-0.030.02
LS 2-1/2x1-1/2x1/8 Dimensions 0.482.51.50.05-0.190.08
LS 2-1/2x1x1/8 Dimensions 0.422.510.02-0.180.03
LS 2-1/2x2x1/8 Dimensions 0.552.520.1-0.20.14
LS 2-1/2x2x3/16 Dimensions 0.812.520.15-0.290.2
LS 2x1-1/2x1/8 Dimensions 0.4221.50.04-0.130.07
LS 2x1-1/2x3/16 Dimensions 0.6221.50.06-0.180.11
LS 2x1x1/8 Dimensions 0.36210.02-0.120.03
LS 2x1x3/16 Dimensions 0.53210.02-0.170.05
LS 3-1/2x1-1/4x1/8 Dimensions 0.583.51.250.04-0.350.06
LS 3x1x1/8 Dimensions 0.48310.02-0.250.03
LS 3x2-1/2x1/4 Dimensions 1.3132.50.37-0.560.4
LS 3x2x1/4 Dimensions 1.19320.23-0.540.26
LS 3x2x1/8 Dimensions 0.61320.12-0.280.14
LS 3x2x3/8 Dimensions 1.73320.32-0.780.37
LS 4x2x1/4 Dimensions 1.44420.27-0.940.27
LS 4x2x1/8 Dimensions 0.73420.14-0.480.14
LS 4x3x1/8 Dimensions 0.86430.38-0.520.31
LS 5-1/4x2-1/4x1/8 Dimensions 0.925.252.250.22-0.820.18
LS 5x3x1/4 Dimensions 1.94530.85-1.530.61
LS 5x3x1/8 Dimensions 0.98530.45-0.780.32
LS 5x4x1/8 Dimensions 1.11540.85-0.820.55
The above table of Square end Angles-Unequal sizes offers a detailed beam sizes chart for engineers to easily scroll and find what they’re looking for. If you’re looking for a different section or shape try the search feature or one of the below resources: