Shape Area (in2) Depth (in) Width (in) Section Properties
Ix (in4) Iy (in4) Plastic Mod Xp (in3) Plastic Mod Yp (in3)
T 1.00x1.00x0.31 Dimensions 0.27110.
T 1.00x1.13x0.16 Dimensions 0.1311.
T 1.13x1.50x0.19 Dimensions
T 1.25x1.50x0.44 Dimensions 0.371.
T 1.25x1.50x0.62 Dimensions 0.521.
T 1.25x1.75x0.37 Dimensions 0.321.251.750.
T 1.25x2.50x1.00 Dimensions 0.851.
T 1.50x1.50x0.063 Dimensions 0.541.
T 1.50x1.50x0.68 Dimensions 0.581.
T 1.50x1.50x0.87 Dimensions 0.741.
T 1.50x2.00x0.75 Dimensions 0.641.520.
T 2.00x1.50x0.86 Dimensions 0.7321.
T 2.00x2.00x1.13 Dimensions 0.96220.350.170.250.17
T 2.00x2.00x1.26 Dimensions 1.07220.370.180.260.18
T 2.00x2.00x1.50 Dimensions 1.28220.430.230.310.23
T 2.00x4.00x2.70 Dimensions 2.3240.
T 2.25x2.25x1.42 Dimensions
T 2.25x2.50x1.91 Dimensions 1.622.252.50.890.440.50.35
T 2.50x2.50x1.77 Dimensions 1.512.52.50.860.420.490.33
T 2.50x3.00x2.13 Dimensions 1.812.530.940.750.510.5
T 2.50x4.00x2.32 Dimensions 1.982.540.931.680.490.84
T 3.00x2.00x0.55 Dimensions 0.47320.450.060.220.06
T 3.00x2.50x2.11 Dimensions 1.832.51.490.440.720.35
T 3.00x3.00x2.55 Dimensions 2.17331.780.860.840.58
T 3.00x3.00x2.72 Dimensions 2.31331.830.90.860.6
T 3.00x4.00x2.76 Dimensions 2.34341.721.770.770.89
T 3.00x4.50x2.96 Dimensions 2.5234.51.782.520.781.12
T 3.00x5.00x3.43 Dimensions 2.92352.063.930.91.57
T 3.00x5.00x4.02 Dimensions 3.42352.374.131.061.65
T 4.00x4.00x3.43 Dimensions 2.92444.42.031.541.01
T 4.00x4.00x3.74 Dimensions 3.18444.562.121.581.06
T 5.00x4.00x4.22 Dimensions 3.59548.562.132.431.06
T 5.00x4.00x5.41 Dimensions 4.65410.82.833.141.42
T 10.00x6.50x10.4 Dimensions 8.92106.589.714.412.74.44
The above table of Tees sizes offers a detailed beam sizes chart for engineers to easily scroll and find what they’re looking for. If you’re looking for a different section or shape try the search feature or one of the below resources: