Shape Area (in2) Depth (in) Width (in) Section Properties
Ix (in4) Iy (in4) Plastic Mod Xp (in3) Plastic Mod Yp (in3)
Z 1-3/4x1-3/4x1.09 Dimensions 0.931.751.750.451.010.510.33
Z 2-3/8x1-1/4x1.00 Dimensions 0.852.3751.
Z 2x1.25x0.922 Dimensions 0.7821.250.460.060.460.16
Z 3x2-11/16x2.33 Dimensions 1.9832.6882.890.591.921.03
Z 3x2-11/16x3.38 Dimensions 2.8732.6883.860.822.571.5
Z 4-1/8x3-3/16x4.32 Dimensions 3.674.1253.1889.661.724.692.18
Z 4-1/8x3-3/16x6.22 Dimensions 5.294.1253.18812.82.416.193.12
Z 4-1/16x3-3/8x3.57 Dimensions 3.044.0623.1257.961.393.921.76
Z 4x3-1/16x2.85 Dimensions 2.4243.0626.311.083.161.36
Z 4x3-1/16x4.78 Dimensions 4.0743.0629.691.744.842.3
Z 5-1/16x3-5/16x4.84 Dimensions 4.125.0623.31216.22.336.412.37
Z 5x3-1/4x4.01 Dimensions 3.4153.2513.41.895.361.92
Z 5x3-1/4x6.19 Dimensions 5.2653.2519.22.827.692.94
The above table of Zees sizes offers a detailed beam sizes chart for engineers to easily scroll and find what they’re looking for. If you’re looking for a different section or shape try the search feature or one of the below resources: