Shape Area (in2) Depth (in) Width (in) Section Properties
Ix (in4) Iy (in4) Plastic Mod Xp (in3) Plastic Mod Yp (in3)
HP8x36 Dimensions
HP10x42 Dimensions 12.49.710.121071.748.321.8
HP10x57 Dimensions 16.79.9910.229410166.530.3
HP12x53 Dimensions 15.511.8123931277432.2
HP12x63 Dimensions 18.411.912.147215388.338.7
HP12x74 Dimensions 21.812.112.256918610546.6
HP12x84 Dimensions 24.612.312.365021312053.2
HP12x89 Dimensions 25.912.412.369322412756
HP14x73 Dimensions 21.413.614.672926111854.6
HP14x89 Dimensions 26.113.814.790432614667.7
HP14x102 Dimensions 30.11414.8105038016978.8
HP14x117 Dimensions 34.414.214.9122044319491.4
HP16x88 Dimensions 25.815.315.7111034916168.2
HP16x101 Dimensions 29.915.515.8130041218780.1
HP16x121 Dimensions 35.815.815.9159050422697.6
HP16x141 Dimensions 41.716161870599264116
HP16x162 Dimensions 47.716.316.12190697306134
HP16x183 Dimensions 54.116.516.32510818349156
HP18x135 Dimensions 39.917.517.82200706281122
HP18x157 Dimensions 46.217.717.92570833327143
HP18x181 Dimensions 53.218183020974379167
HP18x204 Dimensions 60.218.318.134801120433191
The above table of HP shapes sizes offers a detailed beam sizes chart for engineers to easily scroll and find what they’re looking for. If you’re looking for a different section or shape try the search feature or one of the below resources: