Shape Area (in2) Depth (in) Width (in) Section Properties
Ix (in4) Iy (in4) Plastic Mod Xp (in3) Plastic Mod Yp (in3)
Pipe1-1/2STD Dimensions 0.751.
Pipe1-1/2XS Dimensions
Pipe1-1/4STD Dimensions 0.631.661.660.180.180.310.31
Pipe1-1/4XS Dimensions 0.841.661.660.230.230.390.39
Pipe1/2STD Dimensions 0.230.840.840.
Pipe1/2XS Dimensions 0.30.840.840.
Pipe1STD Dimensions 0.471.3151.3150.
Pipe1XS Dimensions 0.61.3151.3150.
Pipe2-1/2STD Dimensions 1.612.8752.8751.451.451.371.37
Pipe2-1/2XS Dimensions 2.12.8752.8751.831.831.771.77
Pipe2-1/2XXS Dimensions 3.832.8752.8752.782.782.912.91
Pipe2STD Dimensions 1.022.3752.3750.630.630.710.71
Pipe2XS Dimensions 1.42.3752.3750.830.830.960.96
Pipe2XXS Dimensions 2.512.3752.3751.
Pipe3-1/2STD Dimensions 2.5444.524.523.033.03
Pipe3-1/2XS Dimensions 3.43445.945.944.074.07
Pipe3/4STD Dimensions 0.311.
Pipe3/4XS Dimensions 0.411.
Pipe3STD Dimensions
Pipe3XS Dimensions 2.833.
Pipe3XXS Dimensions
Pipe4STD Dimensions 2.964.54.56.826.824.054.05
Pipe4XS Dimensions
Pipe4XXS Dimensions 7.664.54.514.714.79.59.5
Pipe5STD Dimensions 4.015.5635.56314.314.36.836.83
Pipe5XS Dimensions 5.735.5635.56319.519.59.59.5
Pipe5XXS Dimensions 10.75.5635.56332.232.216.716.7
Pipe6STD Dimensions 5.26.6256.62526.526.510.610.6
Pipe6XS Dimensions 7.836.6256.62538.338.315.615.6
Pipe6XXS Dimensions 14.76.6256.62563.563.527.427.4
Pipe8STD Dimensions 7.858.6258.62568.168.120.820.8
Pipe8XS Dimensions 11.98.6258.6251001003131
Pipe8XXS Dimensions 208.6258.62515415449.949.9
Pipe10STD Dimensions 11.510.7510.7515115136.936.9
Pipe10XS Dimensions 15.110.7510.7519919949.249.2
Pipe10XXS Dimensions 28.810.7510.7535435490.990.9
Pipe12STD Dimensions 13.712.7512.7526226253.753.7
Pipe12XS Dimensions 17.512.7512.7533933970.270.2
Pipe12XXS Dimensions 35.412.7512.75625625134134
Pipe14STD Dimensions 15141435035065.265.2
Pipe14XS Dimensions 19.2141444044082.782.7
Pipe16STD Dimensions 17.2161652752785.785.7
Pipe16XS Dimensions 221616665665109109
Pipe18STD Dimensions 19.41818756756109109
Pipe18XS Dimensions 24.81818956956139139
Pipe20STD Dimensions 21.6202010401040135135
Pipe20XS Dimensions 27.6202013201320172172
Pipe24STD Dimensions 26242418201820196196
Pipe24XS Dimensions 33.3242423102310250250
Pipe26STD Dimensions 28.2262623202320230230
Pipe26XS Dimensions 36.1262629502950294294
The above table of Pipes sizes offers a detailed beam sizes chart for engineers to easily scroll and find what they’re looking for. If you’re looking for a different section or shape try the search feature or one of the below resources:
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