Shape Area (mm2) Depth (mm) Width (mm) Section Properties
Ix (mm4) Iy (mm4) Plastic Mod Xp (mm3) Plastic Mod Yp (mm3)
HP200x54 Dimensions 6820204207498000006820000000000552000249000
HP250x62 Dimensions 7980246256875000007980000000000792000358000
HP250x85 Dimensions 10900254260123000000109000000000001090000500000
HP310x79 Dimensions 998029930616300000099800000000001210000525000
HP310x94 Dimensions 11900303308196000000119000000000001450000635000
HP310x110 Dimensions 14100308310237000000141000000000001730000763000
HP310x125 Dimensions 15900312312270000000159000000000001960000870000
HP360x108 Dimensions 13800346370303000000138000000000001940000891000
HP360x132 Dimensions 168003513733750000001680000000000023800001110000
HP360x152 Dimensions 194003563764390000001940000000000027700001290000
HP360x174 Dimensions 222003613785080000002220000000000031800001490000
The above table of HP Shapes sizes offers a detailed beam sizes chart for engineers to easily scroll and find what they’re looking for. If you’re looking for a different section or shape try the search feature or one of the below resources:
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