Shape Area (mm2) Depth (mm) Width (mm) Section Properties
Ix (mm4) Iy (mm4) Plastic Mod Xp (mm3) Plastic Mod Yp (mm3)
WB150 Dimensions 21701501008390000948000128728.236239.75
WB175 Dimensions 2810175125151000001890000196570.259419.15
WB200 Dimensions 3670200140262000003290000297397.590247.48
WB200x Dimensions 6650203152479000008140000548956.38195618.41
WB225 Dimensions 4320225150392000004490000393829.41113841.2
WB250 Dimensions 5200250200594000008580000533777.69183086.5
WB300 Dimensions 6130300200982000009900000739409.31204477.41
WB350 Dimensions 7250350200155000000118000001006135234067
WB400 Dimensions 8500400200234000000139000001333796267968
WB450 Dimensions 10100450200351000000171000001782811318417.31
WB500 Dimensions 12100500250523000000299000002376662472520.81
WB550 Dimensions 14300550250749000000374000003094339566142.63
WB600 Dimensions 170006002501060000000470000004020118685453.5
WB600x Dimensions 185006002501160000000530000004378441759522.5
The above table of Wide Flange Beams sizes offers a detailed beam sizes chart for engineers to easily scroll and find what they’re looking for. If you’re looking for a different section or shape try the search feature or one of the below resources:
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